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Things I (or others) have written here on 2020 Hindsight. Various Topics. I'm compiling this by hand, but oh, it would be nice to somehow do this automatically. Maybe there is.


A Lake George Diary - In which a California native takes digital camera and powerbook with her on her three-week visit to upstate New York to be with her 99-year-old grandfather during a cold, gorgeous January.

Putting Out Fires - A true story. After this experience, I look very differently on the phrase when used by people to describe their work, their jobs.

Throw It Out The Window - Sometimes a computer gets so frustrating, so aggravating, that a person just wants to throw it out the window. Here's my fantasy of what that would be like.

A Tourist In My Hometown, Once Again (a picture-story) Sometimes you need to look at your own hometown anew, like a tourist. A digital camera and recent rain help.

Yelling 'Fire!' in a Crowded Theater About going to a movie at a 30-plex theater and what happens when someone trips the fire alarm.

Beat by Miraculous Beat - Not a story so much as a musing: Thoughts about how community develops here in online land.

Thoughts While Doing Taxes -- "New Year's annual reviews tend to be filled with wishes for what I would like my life to be like: things I'd like to do or to be. Tax-time annual reviews are not about the might-be and would-like-to-be but about what is, or rather, what has been."

My Take On BryceTalk - The History of BryceTalk up to the May 24th, 2000, announcement that the server's gonna be shut down.

Notes on Writing -- a clicking drag Confessions about what drives a technical writer crazy....and, the next day, a the nature of rant follow-up post on to clarify a few matters.

Where is Obi Wan Kenobi to tell me that these aren't the droids I'm looking for? More ravings from a technical writer on the edge. Includes never-before-revealed items that don't make it into the print edition of computer graphic how-to books.

An Art Trail A text-and-photo essay of the event honoring Larry and Marsha Brady, calligraphy teachers from Cerritos College. The text-story is mostly a report on the lecture about the making of the San Diego Urban Art Trail. Photos are from the reception in Larry and Marsha's honor following the lecture.

Theme Park Attractions All about a visit to Universal Studios and thoughts about so-called "professional entertainment."

Remembering Rodney Thoughts on the life and death of Rodney L'Ongnion.

I Sing Praises Thoughts and pictures from a the first leg of a freshly-begun road trip upon the completion of The Book From Hell.

Light Unspeakable "What had those scientists seen when the bomb was exploded at 5:29am? Whenever I hear about or read about that test, I'm filled with curiosity. I'd like to go and somehow grab the vision of what they saw and see it myself. There are pictures and mushroom clouds. But it still seems inadequate to match the awe described by those who were there."

Ground Zero (October 7, 2000) Pictures and narrative from the trip to the site of the first nuclear explosion in White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

Bryce Camp Report Live report from Bryce Camp in Denver, Colorado, in late October, 2000. Another entry more or less relating to Bryce Camp.

The The Pictures from near The Continental Divide ("The divide") and musings on location names that begin with "the."

A Day of Contrasts (with lots of fotos) The day begins in Zion National Park, which has its first snowfall the night before, and ends in Las Vegas.

AIDS Day: Remembering Jeffry Michael For early-day Brycers who've got my Bryce 1 book (The KPT Bryce Book), you mighta noticed that the book is dedicated in memory of Jeffry Michael Kessinger. This is his story.

Panamá Trip

Info gathering: Some preliminary links; More preliminary Links

Greetings from Panamá (posted from Canopy Tower)

a Panamá Recap and a Canopy Tower Dawn Pretty much a brain dump of a week's worth of doings so far in Panamá.

Bochinche Bochinche O Chisme (Gossip!) Very image heavy page-- with photos from the trip - Panamá Canal, Canopy Tower, My brother's wedding, Kuna Indian Women and their Molas, Swingin' from the trees (really!) and the final dinner of two families whose children are united in marriage.

Tidbits and Discography Little travel facts from Panamá.

They Speak English Here! Thoughts on returning to the place of my native tongue

Portobelo Pictures and discussion of Portobelo, on the Caribbean coast, with ruins of ancient forts and holy relics.

Photo Essays

Cloudwatching Soft Clouds Backlit Clouds Trees Against Sky - all a bunch of images from a walk and peek at the sky during rainy season in February. If you're a Brycer, this is a great resource.

My Dream Garden Around the Arboretum

Bay area Manipalooza trip -- Driving North, Manilapalooza, San Francisco, A visit to Peachpit Press in Berkeley

Fairs and Fairs Pictures from the Sierra Madre Art Fair and the Monrovia Soap Box Derby... including a shot of the Monrovia Chief of Police dancing to Y!M!C!A!

Feet In Fountain Scenes from the Getty Museum in L.A. when I was more inclined to stick my feet in fountains than take in Works Of Art.

Baja California - Ensenada, a Family Wedding

Walking Around the Neighborhood - Scenes from near where I live, taken in late afternoon

Bookbinding Workshop Photos -- First, Second, and Third

Swing Dance! Dancing at Suzy Q's in Westwood

Page Proofs at Peachpit The Situation Room at Peachpit Press, where we proofed over 550 pages of laid-out-book in three days.

Doo Dah! Pasadena's other parade, the irreverent and wacky Doo Dah parade. Fotos and commentary; hanging chad spoofs.

Fun Stuff I didn't write but posted on my site

Administration - New substance discovered, its physical properties and behaviors described. And oh, what a half life!

Leapin' Lizards! How this particular it-only-comes-once-every-400 years Leap Day came to be.

Stupid Things In case you needed further proof that the human race is doomed through stupidity; these are some actual label instructions on consumer goods.

Sixth Grade History Test Answers In which kids say the darndest things. Such as "And Sir Francis Drake circumcised the world with a 100-foot clipper." Seriously. Read 'em and weep.

Weird Hotel Notices from around the world Something got lost in the translation. Then again, something else got found: "In a Bucharest hotel lobby: The lift is being fixed for the next day. During that time we regret that you will be unbearable."

Light Bulb Jokes Q: How many Microsoft executives does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None. They just declare darkness an international standard.

Airport Check Math instructor arrested. John Ashcroft states he's from the Al-gebra movement and is involved with Weapons of Math Instruction.

Digital Photography

How do you do what you do How do I do the digital camera thang

Digital Camera Newbieness A local copy of some advice I gave to Dave Winer about digital cameras and the operation thereof.


A Manila Newbie Has a Banner Day How (and where) I put an image in my Banner.

Banner Boo-boo The wrong way to do it, as I discovered.... It's all documented here

Manila Wishes for Stats

How to set up a guestbook


An illustration of how the Cluetrain manifesto is true: MetaCreations conversation

Luddite Mom

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