Words by Mary Karr about a commonplace book. "You're just constantly copying in longhand."

Just show up

In morning pages, the idea is that the hand keeps moving on the page, writing about anything —anything— until the set number of pages is filled up. For three pages, on wide rule spiral notebook paper. Half and hour. 30 minutes, keep your hand moving on the page. These days, having participated in one round […]

What I discovered while I was cleaning out my email inbox

The lastest Publisher’s Lunch Weekly with the book deal news — Merlin Mann of 43 folders has sold a book! Business/Investing/Finance 43Folders.com founder Merlin Mann’s INBOX ZERO, exploring the popular myths about “email organization,” and provides an inspiring blueprint for managing our attention and making things that matter, to Julia Cheiffetz at Harper Studio, by […]

Annotations of remembered joy

Early this morning, I worked on a piece of writing that came back from an editor. Fun times. There are pesky details to address, which seem innocuous enough at first. Yeah yeah, remove this space, period after page reference. Sure fine whatever. –Approve Changes A deeper examination gets me to the Edit Decisions That Matter. […]

Self Promo, Web 2.0 style, meets a book launch

Hilarious. [via Matt Yglesias] Direct YouTube link.

So many wonderful options for the weekend

There’s the JPL open house, Saturday and Sunday. If you go, get there early. There’s BarCamp LA (I’ll be there tomorrow, Saturday, giving a presentation on portable digital audio recorders) Sunday, there’s PlayWriteGirl (I’m going — all day) Pasadena Star News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune stories story about PlayWriteGirl… the benefit performance is this […]

If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis…

If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis when I was a teenager, I…. I would have gravitated toward art much, much earlier than I did. (My junior high art teacher rocked. Totally. Utterly. Rocked. High school teachers, not so much. About the time I soured on the high school teachers, […]