Syndication and Aggregation

The art, science, and opinion about generating syndicated feeds and then accessing aggregated content

sharing google reader on web

Notes to self link: How to share items in Google Reader.

RSS in plain english

It’s a video. Illustrated with paper. Nicely done.

State of the Blogosphere (and Splogosphere)

Number-crunching for bloggers, citizen journalists, ego-surfers: Sifry’s Alerts: State of the Blogosphere, August 2006. Including discussion about spam blogs. cool charts and graphs re: languages (english, japanese, chinese, and the rest), and time of day for posting.

Disaster Preparation.. a blogger field day?

A blogging-during-a-disaster field day: A day (or weekend) to practice communicating when a disaster has just struck, and conditions are bad. What would a blogger field day look like? This post is a hodge-podge of thoughts. Background: At the Community Assistance session at BlogHer [I liveblogged it, as did Christine and Britt Bravo], a brilliant […]

Daypop down until further notice…

Daypop down until further notice… here’s what the page says: Daypop down until further notice… Sorry for the inconvenience. After adding a bunch of submitted sites, Daypop no longer has enough memory to calculate the Top 40 and other Top pages. If there’s no simple fix, Daypop won’t be back up until a new search/analysis […]

Learning Feeds

Setting up some new feeds. Rss 2.0 and Atom 1.0. This is stuff I never wanted to have to do, but it looks like I have to, during a season with lots of RSS discussion. I gotta figure figured out what a GUID is. Now, what is this element or tag called <description> in an […]