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Aaaand we’re back

Finally. Upgrade of WordPress complete. Back end is much, much different. Menus go vertically down the left sidebar. (note to self. Before freaking out that page only partially appears after upgrade, remember to activate all the ole plugins!)

Housekeeping: Installing Auto-upgrade plugin, Updating WordPress

I did a test of the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin on another (simpler) WordPress install. It was a thing of beauty. Will now attempt the same here, in broad daylight. Things may be weird, but shall return to normal. Fingers crossed. Meh, auto upgrade not working. Going to manual upgrade mode. Meh & Feh. Must […]

Looking forward to WordPress 2.5

Post, with screenshots, comparing its features to the current 2.3 branch. This post says it’s delayed by at least a week. Good. work out all the bugs. Take a month if you need to. Otherwise, you gotta update, and four days later (or so it seems), update again cause of some small buggy bloggy pecadillo.

Useful links: Wordpress, Cascading Style Sheets

or, cool stuff I saw over at Hal Rager‘s site and want to remember for myself: Extending WordPress beyond the blog. Custom fields and their power. [via Hal Rager] The 7 CSS Hacks that we should use The Top 50 Proprietary Programs that Drive You Crazy — and Their Open Source Alternatives I’m surprised that […]

Browser Tab Cleanup 1: Wordpress Pages Widgets

O the marvelous variety of ways to list pages in the sidebar of a wordpress site. Widgets I’ve tried: Breukie’s Pages Widget Custom Pages widget. Lets you exclude pages by ID number. Flexi Pages Widget. Lotsa configuration options Haytabay’s Subpages. lists subpages of current page Widgets/Plugins I haven’t tried but might want to: Page links […]

sharing google reader on web

Notes to self link: How to share items in Google Reader.