What’s involved with migrating a site from one weblog tool to another.

Happy new home, reason #42863.68

Logs, man. referrer logs. What with one thing and another, I’ve been without them for the last two years. ipowerweb got the #3 slot in Netcraft’s June reliability ratings. And their stats pack work. Immediately. It’s a joy to see my referer links. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

More Manila image migration reverse engineering woes

Let us explore more of the travails of converting a Manila site to another format; specifically images. (This 5-part dysharmonious tale is the third or fourth installment in an ongoing discussion of the forehead-bruising process of collecting all the images from my old Manila site into a single location, focusing on the goal to reliably serve those images without trespassing on server bandwidth of any former webhost that I’m not paying.)

We are GO for Domain Transfer!

I’ve done as much as I can do for now. Flipped the switch at godaddy.com. As soon as the DNS change propogate, you are brought here to www.2020hindsight.org, you will have arrived here. On a webhost running BSD Unix. To Open Source software based on PHP and MySQL. That’s XHTML compliant (tho I prolly break […]

Picture names from Manila. Joy.

So now I’m discovering an awful fact about the pictures I uploaded in Manila: Shortcut name: The name given to the picture upon upload. For instance, for the site logo, ‘2020 banner new’ The actual filename: The original filename for the image. For instance, for that same logo, ‘2020logodelphina.gif’. Continue reading for the eyes-glaze-over details…

the problem with images

So, I’m trying to collect all the images from my old site and put ’em in one single directory here. It’s not straightforward. And it hasn’t been easy. Why? Follow the link to discover the amazing pretzel-logic of which images were where

Wow, that was fast!

22 days Time spent to export Manila site and import into newly created Movable Type weblog. (Note: work was conducted intermittently over 22 days.) 2 hours Time spent to export Movable Type site and import into newly created WordPress weblog. (Note: Actual work time was less; I did some Photoshop work in there, too. Site […]