What’s involved with migrating a site from one weblog tool to another.

Bye bye, (free) editthispage!

Just as editthispage.com comes up on its 6 year anniversary on December 5 or 6 (my 6 year anniversary of blogging dates from that time), I read a rumor at Hal’s site that editthispage.com sites are going down soon. The comment thread there reveals that the notice is given to the managing editor upon login. […]

Jason Levine and the Manila Migration Tool

You are reading this site in this WordPress form partly due to Jason Levine of Q Daily News. He wrote a script to export a Manila site to MovableType format, and has announced that the script is now available. Last June, after burning up the better part of the month in what amounted to a […]

Mo’ migration catchup —htaccess redirects

More post-weblog migration. Or stuff I shoulda done a long time ago but I was too tired. I’m hanging out in htaccess redirect land. Manila had a bunch of custom URLs. All of which have been bouncing, between early July and now.

PapaScott’s WordPress export script

Good on Scott Hanson! He created a script to export from WordPress “To paraphrase Sam Ruby, a weblog software is only as good as its export function.” Indeed. The comment thread pores over arcana such as the uniqueness of WordPress’s data model, and mentions of other export scripts. Boring as hell until you’re trying to […]

Word Press redirects

After all the michegas of getting my site transferred from Manila to Word Press, I took a little time off to do, ahem, (seemingly) more important things. Today I’m back in the bowels of WordPress, attempting to work out the redirects from the old site. I took all the 404s from August and sorted them. […]