UserLand Manila, the original host for this site for the first 4.5 years.

the problem with images

So, I’m trying to collect all the images from my old site and put ’em in one single directory here. It’s not straightforward. And it hasn’t been easy. Why? Follow the link to discover the amazing pretzel-logic of which images were where

Wow, that was fast!

22 days Time spent to export Manila site and import into newly created Movable Type weblog. (Note: work was conducted intermittently over 22 days.) 2 hours Time spent to export Movable Type site and import into newly created WordPress weblog. (Note: Actual work time was less; I did some Photoshop work in there, too. Site […]

The weekend weblog transition

Another in a series of thinking-out-loud posts about what is required to move from my old weblog host (using UserLand Manila) to a new one. I’m no longer posting on the Manila site, I’m posting here, using Movable Type on TypePad. [only now you’re reading this on a WordPress blog. Weblog acrobatic abound!] My Manila […]

More Manila moving notes – images

So today I’m downloading via FTP all the static content of my 2020 site, i.e., that statically rendered pages generated from the dynamic Manila site. I know I’m going to have to change all the pointers to the images, so I checked to see how they work right now. I checked an old static page, […]

I am here, I am here!

I am here [in a Movable Type weblog hosted at TypePad—obviously a temporary situation]. With all posts. Functioning (I think). I was discombobulated, for a bit. I’m not less discombobulated now. Here’s how it worked: Jason Levine created a script that runs inside of UserLand Frontier for exporting Manila sites to a format that Movable […]

2nd thoughts

Or is that second impressions? The MT@TP site design tools are cool. Observation: With some 3000+ posts, it takes about 15 minutes per rebuild of site. Thank God style sheet changes don’t require rebuilds. I can see where php/mysql will be a Thing Most Desireable going forward. Did a new look. Must. Be. Different. I […]