Expression Engine

It’s Weblog Software, it’s a Content Management System. But I’m filing it here.

Getting cool WordPress functionality into ExpressionEngine

So WordPress has this cool thing. If you type a hyphen three times, like this — WordPress will convert it to an elegant em-dash, like so: —. Two dashes — get changed to an en-dash–like so. In the two and a half years since this site has been in WordPress, I’ve grown dependent on that […]

More fun with WebTools: phpThumb

Have transitioned out of WordPress (topic of most of today’s posts) and into ExpressionEngine.* But this next note-to-self tool is Weblog App/CMS agnostic. If you’ve got PHP, you can use this: PhpThumb. PHP Thumbnail generator. Uses either ImageMagick or the GD library to do image processing on the server. So: upload one image, and have […]


I’m having some MarsEdit problems with ExpressionEngine. Upgraded both (MarsEdit to 1.1 EE to 1.4.1). Now I can’t post to my EE site. This is a test to see that I can successfully post to WordPress. UPDATE: Well, Paul at pMachine is looking into it. He says that I have what he likes to call […]

MarsEdit for Expression Engine

Been trying out MarsEdit to attempt some streamlined weblog posting using an Expression Engine (EE) site. I can totally appreciate when Brent Simmons says that MarsEdit –a writing app– is more complex than NetNewsWire (a reading app). Two very helpful places to look to get MarsEdit running with an Expression Engine site: EEWiki for MarsEdit […]

Expression Engine Tutorial

I found this site just after my 14-day trial of Expression Engine expired. Dang. Wish I’d found it at the beginning of the 14-day period. And, note to self: don’t do a time trial thing for a new bit of software when one intends to continue to wrangle with a site migration and all its […]

Pmachine releases new software: Expression Engine

heh. I was poking around the site looking for the free trial pMachine for a little something on the side, and they announced public beta of something called Expression Engine. Click, click, click through other pages, then back to the home page, and they have an announcement of 1.0! So I guess this is a […]