php code: “tag cloud” style

Jenny at PHP Tag Cloud Tutorial. A snippet of extremely commented code that helped me do what I wanted to do with a funky SQL query.

one-off editable web pages

This is both a demonstration of WordPress and a note-to-self about a php script called editthispage. It’s a php script for a single-page that lets you log in, edit, and save changes. It saves each rev of the page. yippee.

More fun with WebTools: phpThumb

Have transitioned out of WordPress (topic of most of today’s posts) and into ExpressionEngine.* But this next note-to-self tool is Weblog App/CMS agnostic. If you’ve got PHP, you can use this: PhpThumb. PHP Thumbnail generator. Uses either ImageMagick or the GD library to do image processing on the server. So: upload one image, and have […]

php links

In addition to a page where I ask My PHP Questions here are some links. General PHP and mySQL links Open Directory’s list of PHP Tutorials MySQL documentation SQL Tutorial Julie Meloni’s books on php/mySQL 10 tips for PHP scripts PHP a directory of books, articles, online communities, scripts and programs, software and servers, […]

My PHP Questions

These are my questions about PHP. I’m just learning. I come to PHP as someone with quite a bit of familiarity with HTML, and having minimally (minimally minimally) poked around with JavaScript. I am not a programmer. My entry into this sphere has been graphics. Then technical writing. Strong emphasis on usability. And now it […]