the open-source database software that stores all the contents of this site.

php code: “tag cloud” style

Jenny at PHP Tag Cloud Tutorial. A snippet of extremely commented code that helped me do what I wanted to do with a funky SQL query.

WordPress Cache plugin

There’s been some of that database something or other going around. It hit Lisa at H20town. I had a bout of it myself. In the hopes of making things work more smoothly, I’m using a WordPress plugin called WP-Cache. It caches files and serves up the cached version for a while, until the cache expires. […]

testing characters

Am doing some searching and replacing of characters leftover from ancient Manila install. This post is just to create some characters and see how they appear in the mysql database. “oh really?” “Yes, don’t you agree?” “I do—but there’s more to be said for it” What about legitimate ümlauts? ë? update: The umlauts look different […]

Back to the present

Back from wherever it was that I went to when my site database began to freak out. The comments table went AWOL. Then other stuff happened. Then more after that. So this is one of those posts that’s tantamount to “Mommy is feeling cold, therefore child must put on a sweater.” It’s good advice. Or […]

Lo, the forehead, it is very purple

This week, I’m learning SQL structured queries. oh joy. This week I’m questioning my sanity. It’s been a mentally painful few days. Enough to make me wonder about that new years resolution about passion. How the hell does learning some obscure select language fit into the Go With Your Passion, especially as I’m the sort […]

the latest scourge: Trackback spam

Photomatt on trackback spam. (It’s awful, what they’re putting in there!) [via Burningbird] Now, to find a way to close all trackbacks for the site. This post in WP support forums leads to a mySQL command to change status of database Update wp_posts set `ping_status` = ‘closed’ where `post_date` < '2005-01-01'; Done quite easily! I […]