Cascading Style Sheets – the blessing (and the bane) of web design

Work to do

Work to do

There’s work to do. Gotta lose the sidebar and gain one of those triple-line menu doodads. I mean, it’s one thing to start blogging again. Then there’s the theme and customization and all that so this site is responsive, baby. The sidebar on the site when viewed in vertical orientation on an iPad isn’t as […]

Useful links: Wordpress, Cascading Style Sheets

or, cool stuff I saw over at Hal Rager‘s site and want to remember for myself: Extending WordPress beyond the blog. Custom fields and their power. [via Hal Rager] The 7 CSS Hacks that we should use The Top 50 Proprietary Programs that Drive You Crazy รขโ‚ฌโ€ and Their Open Source Alternatives I’m surprised that […]

CSS positioning

Nice little explanation/demo. Absolute, relative, and what’s what.

Cascading Style Sheets: A serif font for Linux

My beau Doc M got a new flatscreen monitor, and has constructed a new linux box that’s worth a post in itself– a quiet very very quiet thing that’s got off-the-shelf parts that evolved from casemods of old (larger, slower fans, and a fancy-dan dual bungee-ribbon contraption to hold the hard disk drive: No sound […]

How to size text using ems

While we’re on the subject… Over at Clagnut. (Aunti Alias tells you about Auntie Ems. Or something.)

Troubleshooting #2,495,294

A while back, I’d pointed to this pie chart at another location. It’s since gone away. I found it again: Time Spent on Web Design. The portion of the pie graph devoted to problem solving and swearing has been my lot. Anyway, found the image again. Please enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚ A wonderful trick with drop down […]