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Looks like Yahoo has assimilated MyBlogLog

Just found myself merging my MyBlogLog account with my Yahoo account. In doing so, YahooBorg took my photo and tossed it away. The Yahoo Borg has now assimilated the following parts of my online life: An email list from way back (to yahoogroups), to which have been added many others Flickr MyBlogLog And I didn’t […]

SRTM makes it into Google Maps

Hot damn! Just saw the news about Google Map’s new terrain function. According to the Google Earth blog, the elevation data comes from data gathered on SRTM, or the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. COOL! Doc M worked on that. Most of the world is represented in Google Earth by data from US Space Shuttle missions […]

What Facebook is good for (I hope)

New use for facebook: Looking up the college-aged child of friend you went to high school with (but lost touch with), in order to get back in touch with friend. Yes, yes, you think, it’s been a long time. Too long. The baby you learned of through the birth announcement is now in college. And […]

(UPDATED) Storyofmylife.com’s terrifying terms of service

I discuss the deal-breaker in Storyofmylife.com’s terms of service at Family Oral History Using Digital Tools. Long story short: Upside: They’re thinking way long term, that’s truly commendable. Downside: The site’s TOS says they get a minimum of 6% royalty. If you post something there and then make it into any income-generating form, the company […]

List of CMSes

Found this list of content management system software apps at Wikipedia while looking for info on ASP/Windows NT-based database-driven sites. Here’s a question for any and all… have you worked with ASP? I remember a former colleague (a ColdFusion expert) was learning ASP, calling it AFL (another effing language). If you had to build a […]