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10 things I didn’t know about Facebook

I’m at the homestead (parents’ house, where I grew up) and there are younger ones here for (“I want an email address!”) And for the first time, I set up an account for my niece and got to see what the Mac offers in the way of Parental Controls. Cool. While researching the minimum age […]

Net Tools to Help a Friend in Need

This is a thinking out loud/research post about possible net tools to help a friend in need. I’ll call that friend F. F is due to undergo a major medical procedure w/in the next few months or so, and she’ll need help. More help than just one or two people can provide. She’ll need help […]

Alas, alas, for teleflip which is no more

I am so late to this news, but within the last day or so, I finally read the news. Teleflip went bust. Earlier (like, years earlier) in this blog’s history, I learned of a great service for sending emails to cell fones using the formula of 7-digit-number at teleflip dot com, and teleflip would forward […]

The old train station (now a restaurant at Staion Square), Pittsburgh

Tilt-shifting my photos

Been playing with Tilt-shift at Tiltshiftmaker.com. For that ultra-up close miniature look.

CAPTCHA gotchas

It must be CAPTCHA day or something. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart. I keep seeing Captcha stories. Uh oh. captchas aren’t working as well anymore (as if they work well to begin with). “CAPTCHA doesn’t keep hackers out, but does hamper real live humans.” Top 10 worst […]

Interesting: htaccess writing tool

htaccess Editor as described by Download Squad is an easy-to-use web 2.0 way to create text to put in an htaccess file.