Memorial Day events in the San Gabriel Valley

For the first time ever, last year I attended Memorial Day ceremonies. Blogged it here. I recorded a brief conversation with my congressman and it’s part of a podcast I did A tale of two congressmen (the other congressman is Ron Kind, the man who started the Veterans History Project) At the event I attended, […]

Vets, medicine, and red tape: two stories

Washington Post has two stories on conditions for Walter Reed Army Medical Center outpatients. By Dana Priest and Anne Hull: Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army’s Top Medical Facility The Hotel Aftermath The wonder of modern medicine is that so many soldiers are surviving battlefield injuries…. only to have to deal with SNAFU conditions like […]

Two tales of red tape: Supporting the troops…

and the families of dead troops. Both from the Washington Post: Forgotten Families: When your son or daughter is killed, leaving a child but no spouse, you as the grandparent left to raise your grandchild receive no death benefit… the child will receive it upon 18th birthday. But not in the meantime. Pentagon Red tape […]

Veteran PTSD Resource

PTSD A readjustment rewsource for 21st Century Global War on Terror Veterans

War Casualties

This story is infuriating. Soldier goes to Iraq, comes back. Is depressed. Many in his division were killed in action. He seeks help. Is told to wait. No, really, I’m feeling down, I’m feeling suicidal. Sorry, there are others in line ahead of you. It does not end well. There are many comparisons between Vietnam […]

U.S. abandons wounded vets

Yesterday, NPR ran Daniel Zwerdling’s story on how the Army is ignoring and punishing those suffering mental anguish from the Iraq War. Listen on Windows Media or Real Audio. Iraq and Afghan Veterans of America: How Specialist Town lost his benefits. Read the Fine Print, Soldier. Trust No One. The doc who recommends a certain […]