Watching other people work

“I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.â€? (Jerome K. Jerome) I’m fascinated by watching other people work. Not exactly in the way Jerome had in mind. I’ve been preparing for a beginner Podcasting session at BlogHer (gonna post my “I’m speaking badge” any day now. What? It’s […]

Dell Hell, A Man Named Ken Musgrave, and No Concession to the Hated User

So I see from Jeff Jarvis (the documenter of Dell Hell) that Dell’s got a new blog. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So I go and take a peek. And what I see makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. There’s a post there by a person named Ken Musgrave. Whose job title […]

on Earthlink’s permission-based spam blocker app

So I just sent an email to someone. It’s one of those out of the blue, “I saw something on your website” kinds of emails. I get an instant response from the email address. So soon? No, it’s a “sorry, apologies, but there’s a one-time hoop you’ve got to jump through” message with a link […]

The latest in Web 2.0: OurStory. It’s beta, and it breaks

I spent a while today checking out the just-launched OurStory, a site for telling and sharing stories. The site is prominently labeled BETA, and that’s a true statement. I tried to create and post a story on the site. It won’t appear. I’ve posted a review, complete with screenshots and gory details. UPDATE: Heard back […]

Usability News: Tools of Inspiration

I’ll take your User Scenario and raise you one: A Usability News article about a Dundee University group called UTOPIA who sought to make the challenges of technology for older people more real for industrial designers. Their solution has been to make video scenarios that capture the experience of a range of older people in […]

Usable Form Labels

Am working on creating some HTML forms right now, boning up on forms, labels, css and the like. Hence this note-to-self post about Usable Form Labels on HTML Dog Blog. he makes an interesting point about labels and understandings for a simple name/url/email/comments form… Maybe the reason people don’t fill in the email address is […]