Design Patterns for Info Design

For your inner UI Geek: Information Design Patterns. Christian Behrens posts his master’s thesis (interface design) online in a flash interface, so you can browse and explore all the permutations.

Nearly 50,000 votes to go uncounted in LA County

The Decline To State double bubble ballot problem: LA Times: An estimated 49,500 primary nonpartisan ballots are marked wrong, due to design and poll instruction problems. That’s nearly twice the number of ballots than were counted for John Edwards in L.A. County. An estimated 49,500 votes were cast incorrectly in Los Angeles County by nonpartisan […]

Catty comments about Operating System names

In the alphabet of names, does Panther come before Leopard? Numbers and names for operating systems. Me? I like names for domain names and web sites. I remember much easier than I remember, say, But there are times when numbers are better than names. Such as for software version numbers. Operating system versions. […]

Gen flash?

Is there a generation gap for user experience? The stuff my generation won’t abide is stuff that a younger generation finds wicked cool. Er, uh, including Flash.

Flash Sites. Mostly infographics

So I’m back taking another class at PCC again. This time: Flash. 10 years ago, Jeff Foster told me (ere I was about to complete a 700+ page book on Bryce), “Susan, you should write your next book about this cool thing that just came out. It’s called Flash. It’s gonna be big.” Needless to […]

On Status Quo: He said, he said, she said, he said

Kottke said something. Eric responded. In so many words, Status Quo is okay. I like the way things are. It works as is. * On topic, but not part of the discussion thread: Shelley said, in a response to a comment I made: “The field needs to change.” (Ah! I went to Shelley’s site to […]