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Rose Parade Float redux

Greets to all New Year websurfers! I’m staying away from the Rose Parade this year — float construction, visiting, parade, etc. Just not gonna happen for 2008-2009. But I’ve been there, blogged that in the past, so here’s a roundup of Rose Parade float construction, judging from the past, for your viewing pleasure. Click all […]

Debbi goes to Christmas Tree Lane

Debbi Swanson Patrick at Altadena Above It All went to the Christmas Tree Lane festivities Saturday evening. Photo post 1, Photo post 2. (I nearly went. This year we took a hiatus from the new-ish Christmas Tree Lane party tradition. Previously hampered by Mars Won’t Wait mode. Turned out that last weekend was a busy […]

On IndyMac, and Mortgage Meltdown

Friday evening, after the IndyMac news hit, we just happened to be down on S. Lake Ave. in Pasadena. “I want to drive by IndyMac HQ,” I said. Kinda pointless, but why? Well, it’s both a national news story and it’s a local news story and it’s on the way home. So I drove back […]

Santa Anita Canyon Fire, Evening Photos

At dusk, before dinner…. After Dinner, approx 10 pm, from across the street from Ralph’s Parking lot on 2nd just north of Foothill in Monrovia, CA. See my short series of nighttime photos on Flickr. About the Near Ralph’s parking lot views — the fire is coming down the hill. Don’t know where plain old […]

WriteGirl makes the Sierra Madre News Net

Fran Syverson attended the WriteGirl in Sierra Madre reading a week and a half ago, and wrote a report. (look at right column) Cool. And here’s a young woman reading her “angry” words—angry because of ways she’s been treated for being half Mexican. Of rudely being challenged by a stranger, “Why don’t you go back […]

Dusky railroad crossing

Dusky railroad crossing

Suburban sunset railroad, for your viewing pleasure.