(UPDATED)’s terrifying terms of service

I discuss the deal-breaker in’s terms of service at Family Oral History Using Digital Tools. Long story short: Upside: They’re thinking way long term, that’s truly commendable. Downside: The site’s TOS says they get a minimum of 6% royalty. If you post something there and then make it into any income-generating form, the company […]

When Harry met Tony

Comparing Harry Potter and Tony Soprano. [via JD Lasica] The former books I have read. The latter TV series I have not watched. (But I did read all the spoilers, except for the ones converted to ROT-13) I’m a little concerned about the timing of this summer’s Book 7 release. It won’t be easy for […]

Catalina Fire

I’ve been hearing about the Catalina Island fire in bits and pieces today. Here on the radio. There, passing a newsstand (it’s the LA Times front page story). And now, on the blogs. I can’t explain it, but the thought of the island in flames brings me to tears. The mention of “Catalina” and “fire” […]

Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Home

Heard in car yesterday: A personal essay on Kentucky Home by Laura Lorson. Here’s how she describes Derby Pie (first I ever heard of it). “Now this is a trademarked concoction which is essentially a pecan pie with bourbon and chocolate in it. It’s just stupid good. and I make a fine one myself… which […]

Ceci n’est pas mon grand pere

My Mom told me a story from her recent travels. She spent some time with her nephew, B. Cousin B told Mom about what happened one day at school in M–his daughter–‘s french class. M is sitting in the classroom, watching a classmate stand in the front of the room, giving a presentation. Classmate is […]

At the scene of the accident

Scrappycj (of the brilliant wit) has a blog. She stops at the scene of a car accident, and tells the story of giving aid and comfort. The car doesn’t appear to be leaking anything and I’m glad it’s not going to be that kind of movie… I slip in the dirty wet leaves trying to […]