This report confirms what my in-box already knows

Spam is on the rise again. [via Louis Gray]

Don’t host evil: Blogspot and malware

CNET: “Blogger, owned by Google, is particularly problematic, says Sophos, with the blog site alone accounting for nearly 2 percent of all malware hosts.” Google/Blogspot says they’re fighting the malware fight, tho.

Term for today: Dictionary Attack

What is: A form of dictionary attack is often used by spammers. A message is sent to every e-mail address consisting of a word in the dictionary, followed by the at symbol (@), followed by the name of a particular domain. Or, to put it differently, so that’s what this error message means (when I […]

Free blogs, spam and why is spam free

This article takes a look at it. Many reasons examined, but the best one is follow the money. One thing about is that wordpress and akismet are the primary businesses of the developers, not a side-model “we just bought it to add to our stable of other offerings” –other offerings such as, well, ads […]

Spam recycling

Spam recycling A flash site that draws beautiful pictures from your spam emails. Considering that when I got up and checked emails, 400+ arrived overnight, of which maybe 4 were legit (forget 90% spam rate, let’s talk about 99% spam rate), it was nice to see this linked to at BoingBoing and have a bit of […]

About that alleged spammer Michael S. Cox

Michael S. Cox is an alledged spammer. Hereya go, Dori!