Above Earth, Fixing Hubble Credit: STS-125 Crew, NASA

Atlantis on the ground in California

I awoke suddenly this morning around 8:30 or so. Later I learned that Space Shuttle Atlantis landed in California. Did we hear the sonic boom? Well, no. But the signature boom-boom happened right around the time I woke up, so maybe I slept through it and wakened immediately afterwards. Direct YouTube link This was a […]

Releasing Hubble from the Shuttle

I’ve been following but not blogging (till now) the Space Shuttle and Hubble telescope progress (I’ve been tweeting it, tho). I just watched this video taken from the Shuttle crew window of the release of the Hubble telescope, which is back in “flagship condition” and is expected to remain in operations until 2020. (we’ll call […]

The Big Picture: Cassini

Boston Globe’s Big Picture looks at Saturn, Cassini, Rings, and Moons. Go. Gawk. Marvel.

High above Spain

This is so cool.’s Big Picture has photos from a weather balloon that floated high above the ground in Spain. On February 28th, a team of four Spanish teenage students and their instructor from IES La Bisbal school in Catalonia launched a weather probe they designed and built themselves. Their helium-filled balloon carried a […]

Kepler Launch coverage RIGHT NOW

Looking for other planets in other solar systems. Kepler mission home page and launch blog Kepler launch timeline. Kepler is launching from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. @NASAKepler is tweeting the launch, check out the #kepler hashtag. ELV Countdown portal. Aaaaand, NASA TV coverage, which begins at 5:30 pm Pacific, 8:30 pm Central (that’s right […]

NASA’s Mike Griffin and the Obama Transition Team

Orlando Sentinel — NASA Administrator & The Obama Transition. Kerfluffle? About the free-flow of information (or not) between the Obama Transition Team and NASA. Or, turf protection. They’re asking questions about Griffin’s baby, Constellation (which’ll take us back From The Earth To the Moon). Griffin sez to his peeps, “answer the questions”… but stay on […]