Good Mars Curiosity websites I’m encountering

I’ll keep adding to this list as I come across good sites and good web reads. The MSL Chronicles Pretty excellent. The creative and business lessons of the Mars rovers The Martian Chronicles Blog of ChemCam science team member Ryan Anderson. The movie they showed at this morning’s news briefing intercut the scene in the […]

Curiosity Landing Event

Curiosity Landing Event

Two hours to cruise stage separation, and Doc M and I are here at the Curiosity Landing Event at Pasadena City College in Pasadena. Lotta Mars Science Laboratory shirts (yes, we are wearing them), and OMG this is for reals jitters. Happily there is bandwidth, so this blog post will get updated as we go. […]

Mars landing tonight

Mars landing tonight

At a party last night for members of JPL’s radar department (my boyfriend Doc M works there), we compared notes, gossiped, discussed nerves and contingency plans (heard a bit of scuttlebutt about what procedures are in place in case of failure — these people are prepared), heard about last minute changes sent to spacecraft, ate […]

Mars won’t wait. Oh yes it will…. it’ll wait 2 years

I just heard that JPL and NASA announced that the launch date for Mars Science Lab (MSL) slipped from fall, 2009 to 2011. I’ll look for all the links and post them later. I’m buried deep in work today. My beau, Doc M, has been working in the group that’s built the radar that’s part […]

Bye bye, Phoenix

A mission that lasted 5 months (meant for 3): Phoenix Lander no longer communicating with us here on earth. Watch video recap.. This was the mission that twittered. Oh, and Phoenix guest-blogged at Gizmodo, too. UPDATE: How embarassing for the Pasadena Star News, the hometown paper for JPL. They mislead with their lede, saying that […]

Phoenix on Mars: Where to go for coverage

I’m not following the Phoenix Mars mission with the same kind of persistence as I did Spirit and Opportunity, the two rovers — there’s a family health matter that takes precedence. The Phoenix Mission team is doing daily briefings at 11am pacific/2pm Eastern that you can watch on NASA TV. (I just tuned in to […]