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Things I learned the hard way: Transferring cel fone pix to computer

Phone: Samsung Alias. It has a micro SD card. What I want to do: Move cel phone pictures from the internal memory to the memory card and then transfer to the computer Problem: When I move all photos to card, take card out and then insert into USB card, connect to computer, do my file […]

The road to illumination

“The road to illumination is paved with bad assumptions.” (I coined that. Yesterday. Topic of conversation: Project Management, specifically defining all the pieces and parts of the project. And you know, discovering my assumptions about it. Including the bad ones.)

What I discovered while I was cleaning out my email inbox

The lastest Publisher’s Lunch Weekly with the book deal news — Merlin Mann of 43 folders has sold a book! Business/Investing/Finance founder Merlin Mann’s INBOX ZERO, exploring the popular myths about “email organization,” and provides an inspiring blueprint for managing our attention and making things that matter, to Julia Cheiffetz at Harper Studio, by […]

Freedom: Shut off the internet for a time

Freedom: A little shareware app for Mac OS that will shut off your network (read: internet) access for any time between 5 minutes to 8 hours. And once it’s off, the only way to get internet access back again is to restart the computer. Have downloaded it and tried it (briefly) on the laptop and […]

Lovingly handmade productivity pr0n

The art and craft of bookbinding meets GTD hipster PDA. Patrick Ng of Hong Kong shares his personal solution for keeping track of what’s what. [via lifehacker]