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My Family Oral History site make the USNWR cover story Voices of World War II

My Family Oral History site make the USNWR cover story Voices of World War II

Making History: “From World War II soldiers to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, more people are sharing their own memories to bring the past back to life” The cover story of the September 24 issue of US News and World Report is devoted to Ken Burns’s documentary, The War, and how people are preserving first […]

Tuesday the 15th is way too popular

So, Next Tuesday, August 15, is way too popular w/ options. At first I thought there were three to choose from. Then I just went to check on the next LA Podcaster meetup. Now there are four. LA Podcaster meetup LA Barcamp dinner in Santa Monica organized by Heather of heathervescent Motion Graphics LA group […]

Story Salon

Something to do on a Wednesday night: Story Salon. Just not this Wednesday night. (I leave for BlogHer Thursday at zero dark thirty ay em)

MemoryMiner 1.1 is released…

Read about it here. Download it here. (It’s MacOS, windows version under development) and very soon, like later this afternoon, I’ll have a podcast interview with MemoryMiner’s developer, John Fox. Will update here when It’s up. (and no, I didn’t plan it that way. The interview was from mid-May, but These Things Take Time. Earlier […]

The Word Nerds

Here’s a podcast I’ve been listening to for a while, and can happily recommend: The Word Nerds–A Weekly Podcast About Language. I’ve been catching up on backlogs. Tho I’ve got an iPod, I also have a car stereo that plays MP3 disks, so I’ve burned ‘to be listened to” podcasts to CD and listen while […]