Notes to Self

Something I blog so I can remember it later

Hello, World (2018 edition)

Should I delete my Facebook? (there is probably a direct relationship between the time spent on FB and the scant number of entries posted here) #deleteFacebook The tentacles of Mark Zuckerberg’s FB go deep: groups I’m a part of, people I know only through there, Pages I administer. If I end up doing the deed, […]

more testing

I didn’t want to have over a month’s downtime here. Right now I’m trying to add new posts so that the old station fire ones — with video- will scroll down the page. I think I’ve been captivated by the White Screen of Death, but fixes don’t quite work. Yet. I’ve been elsewhere and paying […]

Net Tools to Help a Friend in Need

This is a thinking out loud/research post about possible net tools to help a friend in need. I’ll call that friend F. F is due to undergo a major medical procedure w/in the next few months or so, and she’ll need help. More help than just one or two people can provide. She’ll need help […]

Friday Linkage

OHAI. I CAN HAS QUIT BROWSER? Tab dump: Never before published photos from the time of Martin Luther King’s death Facebook Storytelling: Aenid Hamlet Pride and Prejudice Facebook unites family separated by holocaust Feedly– A way to gather all your feeds together? And, in the same line, JustSignal Oral history from the sinking of the […]

Presentations, Powerpoint, &cetera: Link roundup

At this week’s Toastmaster Club meeting, which included two slide show presentations (one of which was my infant foray into Keynote) I was reminded again of the need for simplicity as expressed by Tufte, et. al., when it comes to powerpoint/keynote and other slide show presentation apps. The damn software application launches and its default […]