Nature’s Wrath

Fires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, Volcanos, oh my!

Quake! 5.8. Was recording a mic test when quake hit

I was troubleshooting a stereo mic — and recording my test of each channel — when the quake hit. Here’s an audio clip of the earthquake inside my creaky home office studio. It’s not long. As it gained in intensity from “ooh! a little quake!” to “maybe this is more serious” I went to doorway, […]

Two fire truck convoys, northbound

I just finished driving south on “the five” or, as everyone else refers to it, Interstate 5, from the Bay Area to greater Los Angeles. I saw two convoys of fire trucks heading north. Done with their work. Tired firefighters, driving home. Thank you, I said, looking across the median. Thank you. Also there’s this […]

happy epilogue

I’ve been away from the Net for the last few days. During which I heard from a friend by celphone, and just now confirmed on the as-yet-incomplete address reports on the Green Valley Lake Slide Fire forum that I think our family cabin made it through. So, in our case, it’s a happy epilogue. But […]

Updated Slide Fire Map: Green Valley Lake better, Running Springs not so much

Updated Slide Fire Map: Green Valley Lake better, Running Springs not so much

It looks better for Green Valley Lake than I originally thought. The fire perimeter isn’t as sweeping for the town and surroundings of GVL. Running Springs, however, has been hard hit. On the Green Valley Lake forum (scroll down a bit), someone has reposted photos taken from the Press Enterprise, showing individual houses burning and […]

Not looking good for Green Valley Lake

Well, the clear pocket where I am disappeared today into copper-colored sunlight and smokiness. LA Times has a breaking news blog for inland empire (read: Slide Fire, Green Valley Lake) Fox Lumber is gone. And I just saw this, on the Google Group, as of 1:43 pm today: Ok I have some information from someone […]

This map, this sad map

This map, this sad map

News from Green Valley Lake isn’t good. emphasis mine. ouch. From the 8:20 am update. Nearly 100 homes burned in the Running Springs area, bringing the total homes lost between 200 and 250 between Green Valley Lake and Twin Peaks – a number that is expected to grow as crews regain access to the Green […]