Nature’s Wrath

Fires, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, Volcanos, oh my!

The Martin Mars water drop over Mt. Wilson

The Martin Mars water drop over Mt. Wilson

As carried on the ABC 7 live web link. Apparently 4 acres of water came out at that point, on the north side of the ridge, where the fire is most intense.

Station Fire from Space. Click to embiggen

How big is the Station Fire? MODIS image from space shows

Original MODIS image here (warning: Large 7mb image file size) I photoshopped it with some context-supplying maps of the Los Angeles area. When you enlarge it, you can see how the reddest, hottest areas are on the northern flanks of the fire… and creeping east, toward Mt. Wilson.

Station Fire: Time Lapse from Mt. Wilson webcam

Photos taken ea 2 minutes, this movie is a timelapse from Aug 27-30. Original link here. The webcam on the obervatory tower has been off n on today. When it works, that link’ll be good. Mt Wilson observatory special page for fire news. More timelapse. This is evening, viewing from south of the San Gabriel […]

Station Fire in La Cañada

Here are the places I’m going (well, other than outside, looking to the north and west) to find out the latest about the Station Fire in La Cañada. It’s creeping east into northwest Altadena. JPL is closed this weekend. [note: Sunday Aug 30. I’m still adding links to this list] Time Lapse Test: Station Fire […]

I don’t like Ike

It looks like there’ll be a devastating storm surge in the Gulf and Galveston, TX, from Hurricane Ike. Brendan Loy (the weather nerd whose posts I followed for Hurricane Katrina three years ago) and the Jeff Masters WunderBlog are the sites to follow. Also other links in Brendan’s sidebar blogroll. Such as this post w/ […]