Hey? What’s this? I just get myself back on this blog and then I say I’m going quiet again? Well, there’s old business, and there’s old business. Like old techy server business. It’s time to migrate this blog from one server to a different one. With all the creakiness of a 10-year history, including legacy […]

more testing

I didn’t want to have over a month’s downtime here. Right now I’m trying to add new posts so that the old station fire ones — with video- will scroll down the page. I think I’ve been captivated by the White Screen of Death, but fixes don’t quite work. Yet. I’ve been elsewhere and paying […]


if I quickly post something new, will that “unbreak” my site?

Stuff on my desk

Desk Clutter Scan

Inspired by Mademoiselle Gramophone’s Daily Brain Scan, I offer you a selection of trinkets that I found on my desk, which, when I take them off the scanning plate, will go elsewhere. I think: Who knew that declutter procrastination could be so fun?