OMG, that was SUCH a close one!

The LATimes has a video on a driver heading the wrong way in the carpool lane of the 605 freeway at about 11:30 last night. I recognized it immediately. This is the second time I saw the car. The first time I saw the car was last night, around 11:30. I was heading north of […]

Things I learned the hard way

This month, Derek Powazek has been writing a series called Things I learned the Hard Way. The latest, Someone’s Always Listening, is a beaut. Coulda been so much worse. Am glad I learned my own version of “it’s a small, small world so don’t burn any bridges” long before I got involved in All Things […]

If I could keep going to one web page over and over again

it would be this. Because it asks the home question: Why am I here right now instead of making something cool on my own? What’s the barrier to me starting that right now?

Rest in peace, Madelyn Dunham

Barack Obama’s grandmother died this morning. Tutu, ya done good. Very very good.

Can I vote on your marriage?

More on Proposition 8. I have a Japanese sister-in-law. If it were the 1940s, members of my family would have been hauled away to internment camps for the duration of the war. If it were earlier days, the marriage of my brother and sister in law would have been illegal. I have a sister-in-law born […]

Rest in Peace, Randy Pausch. And thanks.

He died early this morning. Statement from Carnegie Mellon University.