Things I learned the hard way: Transferring cel fone pix to computer

Phone: Samsung Alias. It has a micro SD card. What I want to do: Move cel phone pictures from the internal memory to the memory card and then transfer to the computer Problem: When I move all photos to card, take card out and then insert into USB card, connect to computer, do my file […]

If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis…

If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis when I was a teenager, I…. I would have gravitated toward art much, much earlier than I did. (My junior high art teacher rocked. Totally. Utterly. Rocked. High school teachers, not so much. About the time I soured on the high school teachers, […]

WriteGirl is coming to Pasadena!

WriteGirl is coming to Pasadena!

WriteGirl is coming to the Pasadena Playhouse Sunday, May 3 for a playwriting workshop and a special 6pm benefit performance– PlayWriteGirl. WriteGirl is an L.A.-based non-profit that pairs professional women writers with teenage girls to mentor them in their writing and self-expression. I’m a volunteer. WriteGirl offers monthly workshops, each focusing on a different writing […]

Will more women at Caltech translate to less glomming?

LA Times reports that enrollment of frosh women at Caltech is up. (Same with Harvey Mudd). The aricle devotes a scant paragraph to a topic that was discussed at length Saturday evening at a gathering I attended: glomming. Caltech students said they are not expecting a revolution in social life or an end to the […]

Just tell me what I need to know

I’m reading various blog accounts of SXSW. Kathy Sierra talks about the face to face aspects, and how computers need to read human emotion. How the computer needs to respond to the face wrinkled in concern. Confusion. Consternation. Oh, I know that. I so know that. I’ve been living in a human equivalent of communication […]