Henny Penny, Henny Penny: No end in sight

It’s a must-see movie. I don’t know if I can add to the descriptions of it– the story is told in the voices of some government staff, some soldiers, some journalists (including independent journalist-blogger Chris Albritton of back-to-iraq whose self-financed independent venture to Iraq led to his getting a job for Time), it’s a retrospective […]

No end in sight: Sunday in Pasadena, 1:55pm

Lately, my film viewing has been like my book reading: nonfiction (Harry Potter 7 excepted). Today a new documentary opens locally. Called No End In Sight, it’s a reputed even-handed (read: not overtly politicized) examination of the war in Iraq, focusing on the immediate post-invasion/liberation timeframe. Here’s a bit more about the movie from three […]

Dear Leader on the Couch

What do you get when you cross a psychoanalyst with certain CIA documents about Iraq obtained via FOIA? An armchair diagnosis of the [alleged] leader of our government. What is the psychology of a President who doesn’t read his own Intelligence arm’s classified or declassified documents about the very country he is waging war on/for… […]

Culture of Life, example 4390-24.6345

Maybe this “collateral damage” could have been avoided if the targets (read: children) had been called, say, stem cells? No? how about snowflake children, then?

The General’s Report

The story everyone’s talking about in the New Yorker: “How Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib scandal, became one of its casualties.” It goes all the way to the top. Criminal? or incompetent? It doesn’t have to be either/or, you know. Such a marked contrast with the book I finished reading yesterday, Doris Kearns […]

Why soldiers back home seldom speak of war

“You hear it a lot: Men and women soldiers went to war. When they came home, they would not often speak of what they’d done and seen.” …. “When I got back from Iraq, all my friends and family wanted to hear stories about what it was like over there. But I wasn’t in the […]