Fine Dorsal Wisdom

Things I’ve learned (or re-learned) about my back over the last several days: You use your back for everything you do. Everything. No, seriously. Every. thing. When the back hurts so much that you don’t think you can stand, breathing deeply and saying to yourself, “My legs are strong” will help to get you into […]

How to recover a corrupt Palm Desktop file

More January is Infrastructure Month goodness! My Palm Desktop file has been in a bad way for months, opening–and then closing– with a dratted “unexpected end of file” error. Dagnabbit. Must. Get Fixed. I tried one method to merge a new, empty user file with the old one. Nope. Error message returns. Then, I saw […]

Reasons to quit

This post and discussion thread at 43 folders asking “How do you know when it’s time to move on?” is a worthwhile read: The main problem is that I’ve got too many things I really need (want) to do – too many long-term projects with potential – and I’m never exactly sure when they’re a […]

There *is* ME in multimedia.

There is an I, too. Two of them. Multimedia Journalism Skills. A resource list of audio/slideshow/video/flash resources compiled by Mindy McAdams, author of Flash Journalism and the blog Teaching Online Journalism.

In praise of Objecty

What’s the quickest, easiest way to embed movies into your web page? Objecty— a javascript code library that takes care of all the wicked object embedding code. It incorporates a ton of media file types: MP4- MPEG 4 FLV – Flash Video WMP- Windows Media Player MOV – QuickTime movie YouTube Google Video No more […]

how to check email twice a day

wow. saw this post referenced at heathervescent. “In a digital world, creating time therefore hinges on minimizing e-mail.” It’s one more reason why I’m not drawn to twitter– as Dave Slusher says (slightly differently), my continuous partial attention is continuous enough, partial enough, and inattentive enough as it is. What, honey? Did you say something […]