While we’re on the topic of flu

First flu victim Edgar Hernandez — young boy is referred to as a possible Typhoid Mary. LA Times story, DowJones He’s from an area near a Smithfield-owned factory hog farm, where the stench from the pig waste is downright foul. I’ve been watching news of that farm for a few days. There are claims and […]

Swine Flu: Don’t panic, but pay attention

The news stories about the outbreak of a new flu in Mexico (with cases reported in Texas and California) is something to keep an eye on. Here’s an informative post outlining the situation. Want more info? Twitter tags: #swineflu Also: Center for Disease Control’s Swine Flu page (don’t overlook two sublinks from that page) Gov […]

The Good Doctor

The Human Whisperer: A profile of Abraham Verghese, a new faculty member at Stanford Medical School. Verghese is both doctor and writer. His memoir, My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story, about treating patients in Tennessee at the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic, has received rave reviews for the extraordinary portraits of his patients. Stanford alumni […]

Insomnia: medicine, authority, and disaster prep

Can’t sleep, dammit. It has everything to do with a medical bill that arrived in the mail today. For treatment rendered in August, just before the Democratic National Convention (yes, when they talked about “medical care” during the convention, I listened up, having just darkened a hospital door.) I was out of town, I wasn’t […]

50 East SGV Hospital Employees dismissed for medical fraud

MaryLu Wehmeier: They had forged CPR cards. She brings her perspective as a former hospital administrator to this situation. Too busy (working multiple jobs) to take a 4.5 hour class to get the actual certification? Yow. From my sources I learned that one or two of the local hospital employees, over at Queen of the […]

Fine Dorsal Wisdom

Things I’ve learned (or re-learned) about my back over the last several days: You use your back for everything you do. Everything. No, seriously. Every. thing. When the back hurts so much that you don’t think you can stand, breathing deeply and saying to yourself, “My legs are strong” will help to get you into […]