Bagpipes are bad for the environment

it’s not noise pollution, either.

Space for basil in space

More basil news!! It’s Basil week here at 2020 Hindsight. Flying aboard Endeavor are millions of basil seeds that are part of Barbara Morgan’s lesson plans in space part of the payload. They’ll be distributed to students (K-12) after the flight. The flown basil seeds will be used by students to test their own designs […]

Storing herbs. Especially Basil

how to store and preserve fresh herbs [via Rebecca Blood] The article speaks of the joys of plunking a bunch of fresh cilantro and/or parsley in a glass of water and storing it like like a chilled floral arrangement in your fridge. The article, however, really falls down on the job with storing basil. This […]

Bees Knees

Interesting item about how organically grown bees (i.e., not bred to large size) have a greater chance at survival and warding off predators.

Double Delight

A rose from his garden Shafts of dawn sunlight: Ah, bliss! Computer still asleep.

Why suburbs will never have tall trees – Why suburbs will never have tall trees [via Sheila Lennon] This is a discussion about building and soil in Toronto; don’t know how different it is for San Gabriel Valley (LA county, California). Tho I live in a townhouse complex, my little town is over 100 years old and there are lots of […]