Arizona's fabulous roadsign typography

Arizona’s fabulous roadsign typography

I remember reading a story about designing typography for roadsigns. A higher x height and better spacing and letter shapes makes it easier to read and recognize the information on the sign. (maybe it was this story/slideshow about the development of the font Clearview, designed especially for road signage) When we crossed the state line […]

The semicolonial state of San Serriffe

Because we need a giggle. And it involves maps. And typography. What could be better? [via Making Light]

New typographic term

From ironic sans. Apt and hilarious.

Graphic Geekery

The goal: Go from a logo in Illustrator on the Mac to an image that can be viewed in Windows version of MS Word. Eventually Windows Word will be basis of creating PDF files. Ink-jet printer will be used to create The question: What format to save? If EPS, what form of preview? Interesting, from […]