Hospitals, they see it all

First things first. The surgery alluded to in the recent post went well. (And no, despite reference to bad heart valves, it wasn’t heart surgery.) We’re over the worst of it and that’s good. There’s a sore gut and weakness and all, but it’s now “recovery” phase, and not “what if…?” So, last night, after […]

Non Americans speaking in American Accent

Like, totally awesome! 10 videos of people trying their American accents. [via Andrew Sullivan] It calls to mind two items. During the summer of 82, when the song “Valley Girl” was getting tons of airplay, I heard tell of the song from the mentions of friends long before I managed to catch the song itself […]

Jon Stewart does CNBC

Just watch. It’s segments like these that get Jon Stewart into hot water — somehow his “fake news” show gets the reputation for doing, like, you know, actual news or news-like analysis. Rick Santelli was supposed to go on his show, but cancelled. For a news analyst comedian, it’s just more material. The Daily Show […]

A Day in the Life of Abbey Road

Your Thursday Morning Giggle: “Blame Ringo (A Day in the Life of Abbey Road)” Direct YouTube link

The most entertaining comment thread so far this year..

…can be found here: Added Bonus: Irregardless what you think conversate is a word. Ta-Nehisi Coates has, for a couple of days now, posted about the word “conversate.” He recounts his conversation with Jesse Sheidlower, author of The F Word and Editor At Large for the Oxford English Dictionary. Ta-Nehisi: So is conversate a word? […]