02 02 2020 Palindrome Day

A friend from college had a saying I adopted: “Wow. Say it backwards. Wow.” Sunday February 2 is a day that is a day it backwards. And forwards. All the same. 02/02/2020 — the same forwards as it is backwards. The last Palindrome Date was 11/11/1111, or 900 years ago.

2020 jokes

2020 jokes

On twitter, there are many jokes about 2020 Hindsight. @ItsSamG asked, “Wait, has anyone done a 2020 hindsight joke yet?” @GordonGillies replied, “I did tell my niece she wouldn’t need glasses next year because she’ll be seeing 2020, lol. I know, Dad joke.” Dudes, dudes. I was SO there, a long time ago. My reply: […]

Judiciary Haiku

Dahlia Lithwick sums up — in Haiku — the speeches by each member of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the vote whether to recommend Sonia Sotomayor to a full vote in the Senate. For those who missed the proceedings, the following are summaries of each of the senators’ speeches as offered this morning—in haiku form. […]

Self Promo, Web 2.0 style, meets a book launch

Hilarious. [via Matt Yglesias] Direct YouTube link.

Roasting George Lucas

Carrie Fisher: Direct YouTube link P.S. The William Shatner opener is pretty good, too.

XKCD on the difference

This explains it all.