Blue! and sunshine!

blueblueblueblueblueblue! This is good.

Fall Tomorrow

22 September is the first day of Fall. 8:30 am Pacific Time, according to the NOAA. Over the weekend, in the late afternoon, we encoutered awful freeway traffic. I wondered if it was due to the drive-into-the-near-equinox sun in westbound lanes of two freeways that run east-west through the San Gabriel Valley. (That didn’t explain […]

State Overhaul

via California Insider, this SacBee article about Arnold’s state overhaul plans. The reorganization plan aims to save as much as $32 billion over the next five years by consolidating departments, cutting growth in state employment by 12,000 positions and privatizing some state work. Widely viewed as the biggest proposed government overhaul since the 1960s, its […]

great. it’s all in my head

Just got back from rollerblading —first time in a loooong time. And, via dangerousmeta , I see this New Scientist article: “Fatigue is in the mind, not the muscles, suggests a new study.” Lovely. So I shouldn’t have taken it so easy and shoulda gone ahead and done another lap? Maybe not. “But evidence is […]

Boobs in a Box

A post from a weblog called “Looking Like Your Mother” about, well, boobs and things a grrl hasta wear every day.

Not quite the latest thing

I see that Rogers linked to this site from There’ve been two more export attempts besides this one, and I’ve got to collect the more recently made posts here with the latest export-and-import. However, I gotta get out the door soonish.The problems mentioned here (and colorfully sworn about) have been solved. The rest, as […]