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Mappa Fides

I linked to one mapping site recently. Here’s another, discovered via Daily Dish: Mapping Religion in America. The predominance of this or that religious denomination sheds light on the history of the settlement of the nation by this or that set of ethnic groups. There are some interesting quirks, such as a concentration of Jews […]

more on Beyond: JPL becomes RPL

DSC01562 Originally uploaded by flonium. I’ve gotten a couple of updated notes about the filming of Beyond — at Cal Poly Pomona, in the pointy building that’s shown here, courtesy of flonium. But though the Poly Post has a foto of RPL—Rocket Propulsion Laboratory on the cover, it’ll roll off the home page real soon […]

Links for Today

Paul Graham: Ideas for Startups Jennifer Warwick: Money Lesson #2: Understand the Equitable Exchange

For my FeedReader Readers

If you follow this site via an RSS feed, come on down and visit with your browser! The new 1945-theme design is here. Plus, I’m including some metadata with each of the posts (who where when/localtime and the source from which I got the goods) and those things don’t show up in the feeds that […]

Site housekeeping

Discussion is back, Trackbacks are on. Well, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve turned trackbacking back on again. (got a load of trackback spam while away from net for the last coupla days. And this with WP 1.5 Sigh. Discussion is back, now that I copied over the “default” discuss template to replace the one […]