It’s a Mac. Need I say more? ;)

(seemingly stupid little Mac tricks) OmniFocus and Perspectives

Omni Focus has a new, small demo online movie: Perspectives (direct movie link). Or: How to set up a bunch of custom views of your tasks. So I’ve made some of my own custom icons tojump right to Stuff I wanna see allda time. I’m sure this makes no sense whatsoever, unless you’ve a) got […]

Mac OS: Recapturing disk space

Or, how I freed up around 2GB of disk space yesterday. GrandPerspective is an app that helps you find “hidden” large files. I found a 750 MB “empty” (really!) disk image with it, and a bunch of stuff hidden in my mail libraries. HawkWings helps with the mail problems, here. Getting rid of attachments on […]

Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Cross-platform set of key commands — I’ve long since done command-1, command-2, etc to go to the first, second tabs (and so on), but didn’t know (or had forgotten) the command for next and previous tab: Ctrl-tab (next) ctrl-shift-tab (previous). On Safari, all you have are these commands (next, previous) — no direct to specific […]

Switched blog

David Alison blogs in detail about having switched from Windows to a Mac, with gory details about how it’s been. Hat tip to James Fallows, who’s in Beijing and therefore has been blogging the earthquake. This is for my bro (Daddy. Sit.) who got a Macbook and who, last week, said that he hasn’t yet […]


Omnifocus, the MacOS GTD tool is gonna ship next week. You can download the public beta and buy a license before January 8 for half off (39.95 vs. 79.95 next week). I tried it yesterday, and it looks good. (brought to you by January is Infrastructure Month)

How to recover a corrupt Palm Desktop file

More January is Infrastructure Month goodness! My Palm Desktop file has been in a bad way for months, opening–and then closing– with a dratted “unexpected end of file” error. Dagnabbit. Must. Get Fixed. I tried one method to merge a new, empty user file with the old one. Nope. Error message returns. Then, I saw […]