Red wine is good for you… but HOW, precisely?

Red wine does its stuff before it hits the bloodstream. Past research has focused on wine’s anti-oxidant effects in the bloodstream. Nope. The digestion of high-fat foods such as red meat releases oxidising toxins. One in particular, called malondialdehyde, is implicated in arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and a host of other serious diseases. Dr Kanner suspected […]

Strawberry Donuts and Moscato

The long wait is over. I’ve now eaten strawberry donuts from the Donut Man in Glendora, the likes of which were praised (and pictured) by Pulitzer-winning Jonathan Gold from the L.A. Weekly. Picture a glazed roll cut nearly in half, stuffed (stuffed!) with fresh strawberries in a light glaze. Or look at the picture at […]

Molecular Gastronomy: Salt does not dissolve in oil

Home truths for the kitchen and cooking. Salt does not dissolve in oil. [via Ezra Klein’s linkblog] Which explains that cool Lavender bath salt scrub that I picked up at trader joes. Lavender oil, salt. Scrub it in, and the salt does dissolve in contact with water. In the shower. The name of the expert […]

Portion size, then and now

Things got bigger. Photos for illustration purposes only. But you get the idea.

Rest in Peace, Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi’s life. Tonight we’re drinking a Barbera from Woodbridge by Mondavi (The winery, named for the town of Woodbridge, is near Lodi, which is near Stockton, CA). We lift our glasses in a toast to Mondavi and the way that he vi changed California for the better when it comes to the fruit of […]

Salmon run way down

according to the Modesto Bee. 80% drop from last year.