Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan

Jill Fallon at Estate Vaults posted a recently-found photo of Miss Keller and her teacher, Miss Sullivan. “Water, Helen, it has a name,” says Annie as she spells the letters into Helen’s hands. The story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan as written in the play, The Miracle Worker, has left a mark on me […]

Writers back to work on Wednesday

that’s the way it looks now. Apparently a news conference will happen at noon today (pacific).

A bunch of links, TV and Internet edition

Oh, that internet media. Oh, that TV media. 8 Reasons Why The TV Studios Will Die by Andrew Baron, of Rocketboom. [via United Hollywood] Comedy Writers, VCs to Disintermediate TV Studios [via Infectious Greed] John Hockenberry: You Just Don’t Understand Our Audience. Hockenberry remembers his time at NBC doing Tee Vee News on Dateline in […]

The Daily Show, Colbert Report, return January 7

Fresh segments come back January 7, which is after the Jan 3Iowa caucus and the night before the NH primary. I can’t wait. They’ll be doing the show sans-writers, tho. “We would like to return to work with our writers. If we cannot, we would like to express our ambivalence, but without our writers we […]

Where have you gone, Jon Stuart Leibowitz?

Brian Williams gives a birthday shout out to Jon Stuart. Missing Jon Stewart has some videos, including the Crossfire video.

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The fans, the strikers, and the studios. The audience is listening. And acting.