Roasting George Lucas

Carrie Fisher: Direct YouTube link P.S. The William Shatner opener is pretty good, too.

WriteGirl is coming to Pasadena!

WriteGirl is coming to Pasadena!

WriteGirl is coming to the Pasadena Playhouse Sunday, May 3 for a playwriting workshop and a special 6pm benefit performance– PlayWriteGirl. WriteGirl is an L.A.-based non-profit that pairs professional women writers with teenage girls to mentor them in their writing and self-expression. I’m a volunteer. WriteGirl offers monthly workshops, each focusing on a different writing […]

Jon Stewart does CNBC

Just watch. It’s segments like these that get Jon Stewart into hot water — somehow his “fake news” show gets the reputation for doing, like, you know, actual news or news-like analysis. Rick Santelli was supposed to go on his show, but cancelled. For a news analyst comedian, it’s just more material. The Daily Show […]

Carrie Fisher on NPR’s TOTN, Wishful Drinking, Star Wars Christmas Saga

I caught Carrie Fisher on yesterday’s NPR Talk of the Nation show, which broadcasts here in KPCC-radio-waveland at night. She’s got a new book out, Wishful Drinking. ’Twas a good show. I’ve seen her talk about her writing at the LA Times Festival of Books (in conversation with Sandra Tsing Loh), so I knew to […]

Let’s do the “Let’s do the time warp again” again

Rocky Horror re-do. Noted mostly so I could write the headline that way.

Who’s doing “news”? Who’s doing “comedy”?

Each time I’ve seen Jon Stewart in an interview confronted with the statement that what he’s doing is journalism, he always counters that he’s doing comedy. Michael Ventre at MSNBC re-introduces the Jon Stewart does journalism statement with this, about the traditional news media: As Stewart has transformed into someone who can deliver the news […]