If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis…

If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis when I was a teenager, I…. I would have gravitated toward art much, much earlier than I did. (My junior high art teacher rocked. Totally. Utterly. Rocked. High school teachers, not so much. About the time I soured on the high school teachers, […]

Cool High Schools (the perfect follow on)

Cool High Schools (the perfect follow on)

15 Cool High School College and University Building Designs. How’d you like to do your learning in an environment like one of these? This is the perfect follow on to the previous post about how buildings and environment affect mood, creativity, and work.

New Speak Year

Doing some January planning. I want to re-join a Toastmaster’s Club and improve my public speaking skillz. Here are the clubs I’m looking at. If this idea interests you, you can do a search for clubs in your area. (note: once you get first page of results, find the “open to all” checkbox and click […]

At Your Cervix

Just how do medical students learn how to conduct a gynecological exam? Link goes to trailer of a documentary-in-the-making. It’s OMG must see. [via Tonyt Pierce]

Hug a friend, go to jail

Ok, not jail, but Detention.

Some of the shuttle crew

Some of the shuttle crew

My cel phone’s beeping at me with the first of what will be many updates about the shuttle launch at 6:36 eastern (3:36 Pacific) today. This update: Shuttle is fueled. This is STS-118, aboard Endeavour. The launch I went to in 2002 was also Endeavour. (Endeavour flew in June 2002, November 2002, and then underwent […]