Chris Guillebeau at Vroman's in Pasadena, talking about his book, The $100 Startup

Chris Guillebeau at Vroman’s for The $100 Startup

Last week, I went to see Chris Guillebeau (author of the site The Art of Non-Conformity) at Vroman’s for his book tour for his just-released The $100 Startup (Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future). Great crowd there, nice conversations with people. Here are photos and […]

Keeping My Money Local: San Gabriel Valley Credit Unions

Keeping My Money Local: San Gabriel Valley Credit Unions

After the last post‘s revelation of the 5 days for money to travel to USAA’s otherwise excellent bank in San Antonio, Texas, I’m taking a look at local credit unions again. The idea of keeping my money local is very appealing. Here’s one description of a what a credit union is. A co-operative not-for-profit financial […]

Liveblog: Reading USAA Bank Account Agreement

Liveblog: Reading USAA Bank Account Agreement

Okay, Okay, this is guaranteed to be the most boring liveblog evar. In the spirit of Occupy a Bank Other than Bankof AmericaChaseCitiGroupWellsFargo (i.e, 1 of the Supremely Consolidated Too Big To Fail banks), I’m making a second attempt to move my money from Big Bank to USAA. I hear all the good stuff about […]

Ezra Klein on Health Insurance Exchanges

Ezra Klein is one of my must-reads on the whole health care reform situation. He digests all those white papers, position papers and the like, and then spells out the most salient points. The mechanism that makes it possible to get a better deal on insurance is the Health Insurance Exchange. The Health Insurance Exchange, […]

Are health insurance companies like all other for-profit ventures?

Nate Silver at 538 (He called the 2008 election with the most accurate breakdown of electoral votes) parses the difference between your standard profit-making business and how health insurance works. I’m a big believer in the profit motive in 99 percent of all cases. If the government decided to open a non-profit hamburger stand, I […]

Procrastinator’s Voter Guide for California Special Election

CA Secretary of State explantionss, pie chart w/ budget percentages The Pie chart I’d like to see is the one that divvies up the Legislated budget and ballot-box budget portions of the pie. Economist: California the Ungovernable State Find your polling place (statewide, leads to registrar locations by county). Los Angeles County Polling Place Locator […]