Disaster Prep

Stuff to do to prepare for, well, Nature’s Wrath

Station Fire in La Cañada

Here are the places I’m going (well, other than outside, looking to the north and west) to find out the latest about the Station Fire in La Cañada. It’s creeping east into northwest Altadena. JPL is closed this weekend. [note: Sunday Aug 30. I’m still adding links to this list] Time Lapse Test: Station Fire […]

More helpful flu links

Why are people dying in Mexico but not the U.S.? An English translation of an op-ed written by someone who’s lived both north and south of the border. “I suspect that it has to do with the difference in health care systems of the two countries.” How false rumors can cost lives “I have said […]

Swine Flu: Don’t panic, but pay attention

The news stories about the outbreak of a new flu in Mexico (with cases reported in Texas and California) is something to keep an eye on. Here’s an informative post outlining the situation. Want more info? Twitter tags: #swineflu Also: Center for Disease Control’s Swine Flu page (don’t overlook two sublinks from that page) Gov […]

How did we get here (economy) and how do we fix it?

This is a bit long and drawn out, but it’s got ooh! shiny! clarity! if you’re still trying to wrap your head around all this economy mess. Berkeley economist Brad deLong is having a debate with a person named Luigi Zingales about Keynesianism, a type of fiscal policy (I’ve heard the name, but can’t really […]


During the Great Depression, there were Hoovervilles. Shantytowns and tent villages of the homeless. Now, in 2009, there are Bushvilles. Direct YouTube link More, from @anamariecox: RT @Paulinehess “Sad thing is that the only reason Sac tent city is getting attention is because it now has middle class residents.” True. Even more, from @Paulinehess: @anamariecox […]