Procrastinator’s Voter Guide for California Special Election

CA Secretary of State explantionss, pie chart w/ budget percentages The Pie chart I’d like to see is the one that divvies up the Legislated budget and ballot-box budget portions of the pie. Economist: California the Ungovernable State Find your polling place (statewide, leads to registrar locations by county). Los Angeles County Polling Place Locator […]

Remember Alyssa

Remember Alyssa Peterson

Debate between Lessig and Conyers

Larry Lessig and Michael Eisen call out a bill in congress that’d restrict publishing of government scientific research to subscription-only journals. Representative John Conyers is a sponsor of that bill. “The law would forbid entities like the NIH from requiring that recipients of government grants make the product of their research openly accessible. (The current […]

You live in Pasadena? Vote tomorrow!

This public service announcement brought to you by Ann Erdman , who spammed visited my blog comments to let you know. My city’s elections are next month, I believe. April 14, 2009. The day before taxes are due. Hmm.. will that date further depress what’s normally a low-turnout election event?

by Jeff Gates (Smithsonian American Art Museum - @AmericanArt)

Cupcake Love: Obama and Lincoln

YES WE CAKE! or CAKE WE CAN BELIEVE IN: At the Smithsonian museum, cupcake art! It’s like pixellated images, made of 5900 cupcakes: Watch video of the entire image being constructed by Zilly Cakes: UStream Video. You hear all audio of the Zilly Rosen who’s mic-ed during the entire process. I hear from @Smithsonian that […]

What if the Superbowl were on Tuesday?