CA Recall

Recall Debate with the Candidates

This is the same debate transcript as Contra Costa Times. The case has been changed to protect the reader (Contra Costa one is in ALL CAPS, WHICH IS NIGH UNTO IMPOSSIBLE TO READ. Praise be to BBEdit’s change case feature, plus some judicious find-changes.) . . . . . . . . Race to the […]

Recall Debate with Gray Davis

Note: This is the same transcript as offered by the Contra Costa Times, only massaged from RIDICULOUSLY HARD-TO-READ ALL CAPS into human-readable Caps and lower case. There may be some items that still need capitalizing, though. [Candidates’ debate ] . . . . . . Transcript of gov. Davis portion of the forum courtesy KTVU […]

Gruener’s internet campaign

Via California Insider, a mention of Garret Gruener, founder of He’s plunked $3/4 million of his own funds into his campaign, created a website, and has a weblog on (on Typepad) I’m running for Governor with one goal in mind: to ignite a citizens’ movement that forces Sacramento to get the state back on […]

I’ve got my eye on Peter Ueberroth

Though I didn’t mention it here, I waited for him to declare his candidacy. I remember the 1984 L.A. Olympics, how delighted we were that things worked, and worked well. I played a part in history (I ushered at the Equestrian events). Peter Ueberroth was Da Man. He’s done it before. So I’m glad to […]