Corel’s Bryce development efforts no longer include MacOS

What a major bummer. “At Corel we continually monitor the sales performances of our products to ensure we capitalize on market trends and opportunities,” Meredith Dundas, Corel’s communications manager, told MacCentral. “Through our research we have found that sales for Corel Bryce 5 are strongest with Windows customers, particularly at retail. As a result we […]

Bryce being put out to pasture? And what about MacOS?

The Corel product description page has a new box design for Bryce 5. The order page has a new, low (fire sale?) price: $79. Significantly missing from the product system requirements is a bullet point for MacOS. WTF? Corel was bragging all over the place about carbonizing Bryce for OS X. Why aren’t they selling […]

Basin Range

I went to the Las Vegas area for a family thanksgiving. Every time I drive through the Mojave, I feel an itch to Bryce the place. This time I did: (thanks, Garret!) This was the first time I’ve been on the new 210 freeway extension. Straight shot from the San Gabriel Valley to the 15 […]

Sedona and BryceCamp

Oh, what a locale! Bryce Camp is taking place at the Sedona Center for the Arts and Technology; there’s a beeeeeeautiful computer lab on the premises. And when you go out the door, oh, the views! The views!! Here are the hills of Sedona seen from the main highway that runs through town The view […]

Bryce, yet again

I’ve been playing in Bryce of late, in preparation for the upcoming Bryce Camp in Sedona (May 20 – 24, and yes, there’s still room if you wanna be there!!) You know, that app–Bryce–is fun. I forget that, and re-discover it again. Now is re-discovery. What am I going to teaching? The DTE–Deep Texture Editor, […]

Lightning bugs in a jar

After being in “Hottawa,” Canada, then spending a day in Montréal, I’ve moved south to Lake George, New York, for a family 4th of July. A cool, dry front has moved in. At 10 am east coast time, the temperature is just now getting up to 60 degrees. Brrr! The lightning bugs are out; last […]