On BlogHer: multiple impressions

This is the obligatory post-BlogHer “I’ve had a coupla full nights of sleep now, I have driven back to SoCal (and er, have a digital image of red and blue flashing California Highway Patrol lights in my rear view mirror to prove that I didn’t go under the speed limit the whole time, damn!), and […]

Unintended Comedy

Unintended Comedy Originally uploaded by freshelectrons. This is an editorial comment I made while the room grew restless at the schtick performed by a couple of “fembots” (as called by Frank Paynter) I scribbled my thoughts on the nice little notebook that came in the schwag bag, held it up for a friend across the […]

WoolfCamp Blog: The written word, around a kitchen table

I wrote a post at the Woolfcamp blog: WoolfCamp Blog: The written word, around a kitchen table An excerpt: I wrote on the topic of where do you want to go? What do you want to do. I won’t write all of it here, but I will write the conclusion: I want to be more […]

woolgathering’s sketch of the red caterpillar

I met (and interviewed) Elizabeth Perry at one of my beginning podcaster sessions. She blogs at Woolgathering and creates (and then blogs) a sketch a day. Here’s her post on the red caterpillar that dropped from the ceiling and inched across the table where the panel speakers were. The whole session (Blogs: Gallery or Canvas– […]

Quotes from BlogHer and Woolfcamp

“women who write are my rockstars” — Janeen Armstrong Beth Kanter, while introducing herself before describing “I’m also a technology therapist” “Blogging is a gateway drug of technology” — Elisa Camahort “I re-read my blog 1 time a year on my blog birthday” — Lauren of Oodleday On her interpretation of the saying A […]

BlogHer session: Community Assistance

BlogHer session: My rough typed notes. Community Assistance: Grace Davis, Hurricane Katrina Accidental Relief worker. Sara Ford. From Waveland, MS. Because the de-facto home page for the town of Waveland, which took a direct hit Medical supplies. Someone cashed in his flexible spending plan. Sister Cities… and others with Direct telephone Dina Metha, from Bombay/Mumbai, […]