Post-conference networking hacks

Good stuff at Beth’s Blog on what to do with all those business cards, but moreso with the people who handed those cards to you. I got partway through making links with cards from BlogHer. But there are more to do. Beth cites lots of helpful advice and links. Here’s a quote by Chris […]

two post-BlogHer pictures

two post-BlogHer pictures

The great laptop BlogHer day after the day after in the kitchen of Liz Henry, aka badgermama, aka badgerbag. That was a pleasant time. I’ve got to edit this. At first, I composed this post to test picture uploads onto the new server. So my brain wasn’t fully engaged. I hafta say that hanging out […]

Inspired by Elizabeth Perry at BlogHer’

In the Blog: Gallery or Canvas? session, Elizabeth Perry, who makes a sketch daily and then blogs it, quipped a quote about dailyness. So I made a one-page poster of it to plunk on my wall. Here’s what it looks like. Be inspired.

Disaster Preparation.. a blogger field day?

A blogging-during-a-disaster field day: A day (or weekend) to practice communicating when a disaster has just struck, and conditions are bad. What would a blogger field day look like? This post is a hodge-podge of thoughts. Background: At the Community Assistance session at BlogHer [I liveblogged it, as did Christine and Britt Bravo], a brilliant […]

Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog is back up

Within the last day or so, it came to my attention that the Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog had gone down. Now I read at Doc’s that it’s back up: Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog — The Future of the Slidell Blog. Excellent. The Community Assistance session at BlogHer was very inspiring. Gotta add to my list […]

On BlogHer: multiple impressions, part deux

Commercialism Well, okay. We are a commercial force, we women bloggers. CarTalk I found the Saturn/GM car folks nice. Note to self. I thought Saturn ≠ GM. (no. did not drive. Got the nice bag with their lotion-ey swag, tho). Low key, good. Hallmark (we’ve been doing cards and expression forever. eCards: a long time. […]